It all started at the Princeton, IN Skateworld years ago. I was an avid speed skater, and an avid music fan. When I would get tired I would go talk to a DJ by the name of Neil. He would show me how to spin records. I was fascinated with playing music that the "skating crowd" enjoy. I went on to begin listening to my favorite radio station WSTO in Evansville. There was a guy by the name of Fast Eddie, " The World's Fastest DJ", who made me think maybe I could be a part of the DJ industry. I must also thank my mom for making me "disco dance" with her back in the day. She always blared her stereo, and I know I would have never thought about being in the music business without my mother. She has soul and some bounce in her step when it comes to dancing.

From there I decided to sing in the choir in high school. My high school choir teacher Jimmie Sue Cummins made me believe I could sing. I knew after a trip to the state fair where I finished 4th, I was not going to be on American Idol. I did know I loved music.

Fast Forward to college at Indiana State University. I started DJIng some of the Theta Chi fraternity parties as a pledge. I found I had a knack for making people dance. As time went on, I realized that going to school to be a nursing home administrator was not my path. I wanted to play music.

I remember answering an add from Apollo in the Tribune Star in Terre Haute about someone looking for DJ's. We went on to play many events. As time went on I branched out on my own, and I decided to officially open Showtime Music. Apollo introduced me to Beau Richards who gave me my first radio job. I also owe a lot to Greg Vincent at HOT 104.3, who when I thought I was done with the music business gave me a job running Sunday morning countdowns in Casey,Illinois.

Time has gone on, and here we are 25 years later still playing music. Many people have helped me over the years. My brother Eric Luecking has been a big behind the scenes guy of my DJ biz for years. Where would I be without him really?

Why should you hire me as your Dj? Because I love what I do, and I love entertaining people, and being a part of weddings, reunions, birthday parties, street dances, and anything else in the Wabash Valley. I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. If your having an event I would love to be part of it. Please feel free to email me at If it's easier you can also call or text me at 812-877-0877.

Thank you
Matt Luecking