Here's a sample of some of the games and interactive Games we use.

"Let's Make A Deal"

Where you ask audience members for an object that not everyone might have in their purse or pocket but chances are somebody will have a red hair pick or a silver money clip...then give them a prize like a can cozy or hat from the bar.... then you can ask them if they want to keep that prize or go for whats in your hand/box/bag. Etc. and THAT prize could either be a bag of pretzels or a CD or a t-shirt or a smooch from Large Marge who is all too willing to lay a big kiss on anybody :)

"Truth or Dare"

You ask somebody up and you ask them a personal question and if they answer the audience decides whether they are telling the truth or lying.... or they can do a Dare and they have to do something stupid like sing a song or do a lap dance or whatever.

"Pass the Buck"

Here is how it works....
Say the room you are playing is set with (10) ten (8) eight-foot round tables with (10) ten chairs each. Prior to the start time of the event and after doing sound and light checks, I place an inexpensive item in a plain mailing envelope. I then take the sealed envelope and tape it to the bottom of one chair at each table. At my discretion during the evening, usually when I think an "ice-breaker" is needed, I instruct everyone to reach under his or her chairs and remove whatever they find attached (unless of course it's dried gum or worse!) Once they remove the envelope, I ask that they hold the envelope high in the air so that I am able to determine that each table has an envelope. Once this is accomplished, I instruct all attendees that they are to "pass" the envelope to their right as appropriate music plays (the Final Jeopardy tune works great here). When the music stops, I instruct the person holding the envelope to stand up. (I build this up during the passing of the envelope to make this person think that they are the winner) When all holders of the envelope are standing, I then instruct them to pass the envelope to the person seated to their immediate left. This is the winner of the prize.

"Lets Do the Twist" Dance Contest!

Hip shaking' mamas and toe tapping' daddies unite! Our personality DJ puts each finalist in the spotlight Ryan Seacrest-style, each of whom receives a special prize.


Do you know the song from Rocky? How about your favorite childhood TV theme song? We have all the classics from yesterday to today. You'll be surprised what you remember about classic TV shows! Team up for fun and prizes for all!


How low can you go? Chubby Checker and Harry Belafonte provide the beat to get your guests moving. Great for luaus, Sixties, or beach theme parties. Watch the fun as your crowd bends over backwards" for prizes!


A wild relay race using nothing but suction! Teams line up and each member is given a straw. The object is to get a marshmallow from one side of the room to the other using only the suction power through your straw. Each winning team member gets a prize!


Get into circular motion and bring plenty of laughs to your event! We bring the funky neon hula-hoops -- your guests indulge in centrifugal force. Plenty of prizes for everyone who shares the fun and those who "hoop" the longest!


Ole! We line up the sombreros and give each senor and senorita three compact discs. All they need to do is sail ONE of those CD's smack dab inside the hat to win! A fast moving game, that assures lots of happy prizewinners.

We've got a lot more where that came from...